Thursday, November 22, 2012


In 2003 Thanksgiving for the Rybasack family was quite the event.  My grandparents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and the whole family turned out for the occasion. It was probably the first time I had worn a suit since my First Communion.  My grandfather was a devout Catholic so the ceremony was held in their church during a special mass held in their honor.  Lovely time was had by all, it was such an impressive and wonderful achievement.  50 years of devotion, love, family and friends.  I cannot think of a better reason to celebrate or a more impressive milestone.

This morning I am sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee with Grandma and reminiscing. Thanksgiving was always a joyous occasion.  Food, Family and Football.  I vividly remember eating until I was ready to explode than laying by the fire and relaxing with my older sister.  Listening to the logs crackle and enjoying the warmth of the flames.

This year would have been 63 years of marriage for my grandparents.  We lost grandpa in 2004.  So for me, Thanksgiving is all about Grandma, helping her through this time.  Every Thanksgiving morning we sit here over coffee and talk about Grandpa and Thanksgivings past. We talk about the family, the New York Giants, her neighbors back in NJ, wherever the conversation takes us. 

Thanksgiving is a time for us to appreciate what matters most to each of us.  For my grandparents it was a time to reflect on a life of love shared with each other and their family.  Is there anything more important than that in this life?